Cloud Gaming and the Future of Video Games

Some of us remember the simple and bad graphics of Pong and Pac-Man, yet those days are long gone. These days the games companies provide games with fantastic graphics, well developed plots as well as multiple playing options. newer consoles are able to register the movements and include these in how the games are played.

New games are increasingly moving away from linear styles of playing while technology and techniques are frequently changing. Cloud gaming is a recent development, and the following provides the advantages and disadvantages of switching to such a system.

PacMan Game
Pac Man Game

Even the multiplayer games many people players take part in rely on all players having a console as well as a downloaded or physical copy of the game. Multiplayer games are among the most popular on the Xbox and Playstation. Yet with cloud gaming you should only need a reliable internet connection as the cloud gaming provider will provide everything else from the cloud.

With cloud gaming the game provider streams the game into your PC / laptop, tablet or console and instantly sends back your button or control responses. In many ways it works like a film or TV show streaming service. Furthermore you no longer have to have own and use a physical copy of a game to play on it.

Games from the cloud can be played instantly, you do not need to have a physical copy or spend time for it to download. These are all notable advantages for players.

 With cloud gaming players do not have to worry about the specs of their PC not been high enough or that not been enough memory left on their consoles and tablets. By opting for cloud gaming you do not have to worry that the graphics will not be as good due to the age or the performance of the systems that you are playing on. It could lower the cost of gaming significantly as you will not have to by high spec gaming PCs, new consoles or expensive discs. The cost of hiring cloud gaming services and each game will be lower. You could have the latest games for a fraction of the current cost.

There are disadvantages to cloud gaming, perhaps the one concerning ownership in particular. Although you are paying to play the game you have not actually brought, you are merely paying for the right to use it from the cloud service provider. You can only play the game when the service is available. When there are technical difficulties you cannot play the game or it lags. If any of the firms providing the games went out of business you would have no games to play. At the moment not everyone nationwide has access to cloud gaming. There may not always be enough players available for you to take part in multiplayer games.

There is certainly a lot of potential for cloud gaming to become really popular in the United Kingdom. Yet that potential is hindered by slow average broadband speeds across the country. While speeds remain at an average of 8 mbit/s in urban areas and 3 mbit/s in the countryside people will find physical or downloaded games more reliable. When broadband gets faster we could expect the uptake of cloud gaming to improve.