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oos-Konzerttipps zur Kalenderwoche 7

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Tosca mit neuem Album "No Hassle" im April

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Stanser Musiktage 09: Truffaz, Murcof und Singh

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Neues vom Archive-Mitglied Dave Pen

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Neue Single von Archive

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Benjamin Fay


Since his birth in 1972 Benfay is on a long musical journey. Growing up to the sounds of free jazz, he teaches himself several instruments (guitar, piano, double bass and trumpet) and later decides to study double bass at the College of Music in Berne. During this period, his interest in electronic music starts to grow and his main project turns out to be the fusion of electronic music, live performance, DJ-ing and Spoken Word/Rap, thereby overcoming boundaries that divide genres. To push back technological frontiers, Ben works on sound creation by means of self-constructed and modified acoustic and electronic instruments. Results thereof have been released on Stattmusik (2006) and Morris Audio (2007).

The intensive work and development process of the past years, in conjunction with the technical possibilities, have led benfay to understand that the quintessence of music does not lie in the number or complexity of the instruments used, but in the process of music creation itself. The materialisation as well as extension of this potential – utilising today’s technological possibilities – is benfay’s ultimate aspiration for the work that awaits.



Benfay - Replay Life
Benfay - Replay Life

Benjamin Fay macht auf seinem Album eigentlich genau das, was auch dessen Name verspricht: Das Leben aufnehmen / recorden / sampeln, und dann wiedergeben, also eben: Replay Life. Und obwohl die Liste mit der verwendeten Hardware (siehe unten) nach Materialschlacht klingt, ist die...


Benfay - Replay Life
Replay Life
Erschienen: 27.02.2009 / Label: Everestrecords
  1. The Partygoers Yelled
  2. Is It Just Me Pt. 2
  3. Larami And Moushin
  4. Universal Time
  5. 0202
  6. Befuddled Floorshow
  7. Is It Just Me Pt. 1
  8. Tonight The Police Got An Anonymous Hint
  9. I Have The Guts
  10. Never
  11. Concrete Complaisance