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Just Banks

 Just Banks


Just Banks aka Joko13


Just Banks aka Joko13 lives and works near Linz/Austria.

He began his musical career in 1994 by founding a local Hip Hop project. Later on he started DJing and took the road from Drum'n'Bass to Techno, House and Breakbeats. By having a fancy for many different genres and playing nationwide gigs Just Banks rapidly gathered experience and his sets are now like a sure shot for the demanding party crowd.

In 2004 he launched the netlabel Comatronic which soon gained a high reputation in the netaudio community and minimal techno scene.

With his productions and dj sets being caught in a crossfire of influences, they always represent a well selected and party-approved blend of different styles, tempos and grooves.

Just Banks is a long-time musical companion of Marcus Füreder aka Parov Stelar and in 2006 he engaged the talents of the San Francisco based duo Blaktroniks, who came up with the catchy vocals for his first release on Etage Noir entitled 360 Degrees.

At the moment he is working on his first longplayer for Etage Noir that will be out in early 2008. Before that, two brand new vinyl singles will hit the stores, one of which is a wicked uptempo party funk breaker called "Bust A Move" (featuring K-Sun aka MC Kemo from the Evocators!). The 12" was released November 2007.

Just Banks' MySpace profile is located at




Just Banks - Under The Influence
Just Banks - Under The Influence

Der lauschige Sommer kann kommen

Obwohl der Österreicher Just Banks unter anderem ganz fette Breakbeats produziert, ist sein neues Album ganz klar dem gediegenen Chill-Out-Hip-Hop zu zuordnen. Ab und zu ein wenig Downb...


Just Banks - Under The Influence
Under The Influence
Erschienen: 30.05.2008 / Label: Etage Noir
  1. Everything But Me (feat. Laine)
  2. Wildfire Winds (feat. Blaktroniks)
  3. Two Things One
  4. 360 Degrees (feat. Blaktroniks)
  5. Call Me
  6. Blockparty (feat. Coppa)
  7. Midtown Medley
  8. Under The Influence (feat. Veda36)
  9. All Her Present Things
  10. Channels (feat. BluRum13)
  11. Jazz Break
  12. Bust A Move (feat. K-Sun)
  13. Bin Reprise (feat. Kuba Connect)
  14. Lingering In The Sky
  15. Under The Influence (Remix feat. Veda36)