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CD-Give-Away: Portishead - Third

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Burial als nächster DJ-Kicks-Artist angekündigt

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Portishead: Third ab dem 21. April auf Last.fm

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Wettbewerb II: 2x3 Tickets für die Launch-Party vom Vice Magazin am 26. April im Walcheturm zu gewinnen

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Panda Transport zurück

Plush Mechanique


Kathy Compton
Thierry Holweck


She is Kathy Compton and she is a leo He is Thierry Holweck and he is insane. They are panda transport and they fight like brother and sister. She wanted to be a pussycat, a witch or an astronaut, he a globetrotter or a shepard in the alpes. She became a chanteuse and writer of jazz and pop, he a punk electro experimental musician. Polar opposites but drawn together by a lust to become acquainted with the unknown. Their meeting was not self evident in a world where cultures fight to guard themselves from foreign ideas, but every good person knows that a mixed race baby is the most beautiful thing 2 people can create. They are a by product of the global village, creating music where jazz phrasing coupled with simple melodies is set upon a sonic soundscape of deceptively complex harmonies and tiny sounds; astral lounge. The notion of travel remains central to their nomadic lifestyle, most of the songs from it were composed on the road in europe or the states, in motels alongside the highway, as opposed to the comforts of a proper recording studio, utilizing dilapidated laptops and wires strewn about. The product is more natural sunlight than well placed studio lighting. It is human music for human people.

Kat and Tis varying tastes in musical styles are what dictates Panda Transports sound- a melange of electronic and natural instrumentation, utilizing vocal harmonies, theramin, flute, vocoder, guitars, wood percussion, synths and toys.

Panda Transport formalized in september of 2006 when work begain in earnest to record material for the debut album. since then, we have travelled both extensively in Europe with members of Add N to X and in the U.S. recently supported Girl Talk.. Between March and June 2007, we have played 25 shows.

Their video "Back to School" will be published on the DVD "la B.O. de Lyon", distributed by the city of Lyon and with the magazine Les Inrocks june 2008. The video will be broadcast on TF1, french national TV channel on a show dedicated to the web and called WATTV, may2.

Their interpretation of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" was released on Dope Beat compilation (Play It Again Sam Records) this February and is now enjoying airplay on french national radio, France Inter.

"Paint by Numbers" appears on Agoon-agoon compilation featuring the Dirty Princess (Gigolo Records), Pureape (Alpine Chic Records.), and Risqué (Substream Records), among others.

In 2006, Philippe Petit, Bip-Hop Records label manager, and member of Strings of Consciousness signed on Barry Adamson’s label, CCI/Mute Records requested Panda Transport create a remix for his upcoming release, entitled “Deviasonist”.

The talented techno producer Bart Thissen(Wolfskuil Records-Netherland) has recently done a remix of "Paint by Numbers".

(Quelle: MySpace-Seite der Band)





Label: Alpinechic
Plush Mechanique
  1. Paint By Numbers
  2. Back To School
  3. Devil In Me
  4. Transmission
  5. Le Voile
  6. La Fin du Prince Charles
  7. Faith
  8. Chapeau
  9. Cosy Panda Transport
  10. Wanted (Frank Cavet Remix)
  11. Paint By Numbers (Bart Thissen Remix)
  12. Transmission (The Noise Affinity Remix)