Great Women go for Geeks

There are some good looking men out there that have women fighting over them. While this may be good when a man is looking for fun, he may have some trouble if he is looking for a long term relationship.

According to Penile Plus, men are not always looking to mature as fast and woman and may want to stay in the fun stage as long as they have their looks.

This is where the geeks come in. in the long run, the geeks have a better chance of getting the girl than the good looking men.

At one time in life, people need to grow up. Boys need to become men and girls need to become women. A playboy cannot be a playboy all of his life. He cannot bounce around from girl to girl forever. The luck that a man has with when he is young is blinding him as he ages and becomes the dirty old man. When girls grow up, they are looking for someone to share their life with and be happy. No woman wants to be with the high school MVP forever who is just interesting in getting laid.

Do women go for geeks
Who says geeks never prosper…

It is no women why when women mature, they want a geek. The geek is not the superficial type. When girls are young, they already have their ideal crush. When boys are young, they are shy or smart. Their libido did not affect them at this time. Little girls and boys are not interested in physical appearance. When they grow up their ideas of a mate change. They go from wanting a guy that is good looking to someone that can take care of them and physical appearance becomes less important.

Geeks remind them of a more innocent time and what they were once looking for. Geeks often have the edge when they are adults. They use their insecurity for success. The geeks are able to take their pride back. A geek has a higher than average intelligence and they become proud of this. In the adult world, intelligence is much more important than looks. Good looks fade over time but intelligence does not. An intelligent man can be remembered long after his death. President Abraham Lincoln may not be conventionally good looking, but he is an important figure in history.

Musician John Lennon is idolized. Steven Speilberg is a classic and well-respected director. Ernest Hemmingway is one of the most famous writers ever. All of these men were able to use their intelligence to their advantage. Just about any ambitious woman would want to be with one of these great men.

When a girl grows into a woman she regrets passing up or breaking up with a geek or a nerd. It hurt even more if the geek has become a much loved public figure and can not get any woman that he wants. Women feel foolish when they made a mistake by passing up on a geek that is now her dream man. Great women that are emotionally mature see the potential in a geek who may have been passed up in his teens due to being insecure. A great woman can help him go above and beyond his potential. It is true that behind every great man there is a great woman. Women that fall for geeks help make a great man.